Recent cases

A placement agent specialized in alternative investments and real estate.

Recent cases

Below is a list of recent cases/products that we are mandated for:

Alternative Investments:

  • Real Estate Debt Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF): Financing of residential project developments in Germany
  • Real Estate Debt Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF): Financing of existing properties & project developments in the field of healthcare / social infrastructure in Germany and Austria
  • Corporate Debt Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF) as a part of growth financing in emerging markets
  • Renewable Energy Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF) in the field of wind, solar and water energy
  • Agroforestry Fund (Luxembourg SICAV-RAIF): Investments in sustainable agriculture and forestry with focus on cocoa and coffee plantations in Latin America
  • Private Equity Funds (German GmbH & Co. KG): Investments in software and technology-oriented companies with above-average growth potential in German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Real Estate:

  • Real Estate Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF) in German metropolitan regions
  • Impact Real Estate Funds (Luxembourg SICAV-SIF): Investments in sustainable properties such as affordable housing, educational institutions and public real estate infrastructure

In addition, we are also mandated with individual properties or project developments in the area of “direct real estate investments”, such as exhibition halls/logistics, medical centers as well as shopping centers with office and residential components.

If you would like to know more about the individual products, please do not hesitate to contact us.