Services for institutional investors

artis maintains intensive communication with institutional investors in German-speaking countries, always focusing on the different needs of the individual investor groups.

For whom?

Focus on institutional investors

artis maintains intensive communication with institutional investors in German-speaking countries. Our clientele includes a wide range of different investor groups. Our expertise enables us to respond to the specific requirements in a targeted manner.

The needs and requirements of institutional investors with regard to their investments have been subject to constant change due to the lack of adequate interest rates and increasing risks, among other things. In the current market environment, institutional investors are faced with increasingly demanding return targets and a broad mix of high-quality products. In addition, regulatory requirements are becoming increasingly stringent.


  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Church institutions
  • Corporations
  • Single family offices
  • Multi family offices
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Foundations
  • Fund of funds
  • Capital management companies / AIFM
  • Consultants



Main areas of focus
  • Search orders from institutional investors in Germany and abroad in the real assets segment
  • Bridge between investors and asset managers
  • Access to specialized investment products with excellent track record
  • Consulting and advice on asset allocation for institutional investors
Renewable energies
Real estate
Debt funds
Blockchain / crypto
Infrastructure funds
Precious metals / commodities
Product portfolio
  • Direct real estate investments
  • Indirect real estate investments such as “investment KGs” (according to the KAGB)
  • Indirect real estate investments such as AIF segregated mandates (according to the KAGB)
  • Debt funds
  • Logistics (equity)
  • Infrastructure funds (equity)
  • Renewable energies
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Precious metals / commodities
  • Blockchain / crypto
  • Equity financing of start-ups / Venture capital
  • Liquid alternatives
  • Other


Why does it make sense to work with a placement agent?


  1. Market Penetration
    Institutional investors cannot make full use of, and assess, the existing range of investment funds, as attractive and interesting investment opportunities do not reach them due to a lack of knowledge and awareness.
  2. Connecting link
    The market lacks a broad distribution platform that can serve as a link between the provider (asset manager) and institutional Investor.
  3. In-Depth Analysis
    We thoroughly analyze the cooperation with asset managers and examine their business model including risk/reward ratio, functioning risk management and previous achievement of objectives in the interest of our clients.
  4. Indirect Investments
    We use indirect investment vehicles such as mutual funds (UCITS), AIF special funds or investment corporations, which are familiar to institutional investors.
  5. Search agents
    We are your service provider for special searches – domestically and abroad.
  6. Neutrality and Independence…
    …towards product initiators
  7. High Level of Competence…
    …through research and competitive analysis
  8. Provision of Services
    We also support investors with their reporting requirements such as Solvency II, VAG reporting and GroMIKV.



Geographical investor focus:
German speaking countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)