Services for fund companies

Asset managers worldwide who wish to sustainably develop the German-speaking region are in good hands with artis.

For whom?

Focus on fund initiators

Our cooperation with fundraisers and product initiators extends to the following asset classes:

  • Direct real estate investments
  • Indirect real estate investments such as “investment KGs” (according to the KAGB)
  • Indirect real estate investments such as AIF segregated mandates (according to the KAGB)
  • Debt funds
  • Logistics (equity)
  • Infrastructure funds (equity)
  • Renewable energies funds
  • Private equity
  • Venture capital
  • Precious metals / crypto / commodities
  • Equity financing of start-ups
  • Liquid alternatives
  • Other



Our offer: Development of a sales strategy up to full placement

Examination / Selection phase

  • Fund concept is presented by the asset management company
  • Discussion of the concept among artis’ shareholders
  • Preliminary examination
  • Review of the fund concept and external partners e.g. KVG and custodian bank
  • Market sounding
  • Competition analysis
  • In-depth due diligence
  • Internal due diligence
  • Sales assessment and value-add analysis for institutional investors
  • Support in the preparation of sales materials e.g. factsheet, presentation, RfP, memorandum and questionnaires
  • Equity capital rising

Preparation of placement

  • Definition of the distribution strategy
  • Preparation of marketing and press activities
  • Asset management company concludes contracts with external service providers such as KVG, custodian bank etc.
  • Obtaining sales permits
  • Asset management company provides sales materials
  • Internal pre-selection of potential institutional investors
  • Appointments with potential prospects
  • Asset management company presents fund concept to potential investors
  • Joint analysis of initial discussion between artis and the asset management company

Ongoing distribution phase

  • Follow-up with initial contacts
  • artis presents the fund concept to other potential investors through calls and mailings
  • Arrangement and implementation of presentation dates / telephone conferences with institutional investors / roadshows by fund management and artis
  • Joint analysis of the achieved sales results between the asset management company and artis
  • Follow-up with potential prospects by the fund management and artis
  • Support from artis in final negotiations
(1) Concept for discussion
(2) Definition of strategy
(3) Provision of sales materials
(4) Discussions with investors
(5) Closing
Our network in the institutional client segment:
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Church organizations
  • Corporations
  • Single family offices
  • Multi family offices
  • Banks and savings banks
  • Foundations
  • Fund of funds
  • Capital management companies / AIFM
  • Consultants
Our contacts among the institutional investors:
  • Board members and Managing Directors
  • CIOs
  • Area Managers
  • Head of Department
  • Investment and Portfolio Managers
  • Pension Fund Managers
  • Fund-of-Funds Managers
  • Research Associates
  • Consultants


Why does it make sense to work with a placement agent?

We know the needs of institutional investors in German-speaking countries.
There is a large number of highly specialized asset managers in various asset classes who are trying to position themselves in the institutional market. It is difficult to implement this strategy, as knowledge of the institutional market is usually poor. This applies in particular to:


  • Lack of knowledge about the requirements of institutional investors in the German-speaking area
  • Insufficient access to potential institutional investors
  • Insufficient knowledge and experience with regulatory requirements
  • Establishing an in-house sales force is complex and expensive.
artis’ tasks in detail:
  • Advising asset management companies that want to establish institutional business
  • Support in product structuring (from an investor’s perspective)
  • Support in the design of fund documents and product positioning
  • Development of sales processes (organizational consulting)
  • Participation in the monitoring of competition
  • Acquisition of equity capital
  • Market sounding and analysis of investor behavior